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Terms of Use

1.1 General

This document sets forth the terms and conditions for the use of the VirtualLawyer- legal database (”VirtualLawyer”). VirtualLawyer consists of a free-of charge article database and a document template database (incl. annual license fee). By registering with VirtualLawyer, the user accepts to be bound by these terms of use.

1.2 Changes in user terms and service

Fondia has the right to change these terms of use. Any material changes to the terms are notified to the users on Fondia’s website and/or via e-mail or the service itself. The changes shall enter into force on the date indicated by Fondia. By continuing to use VirtualLawyer, the user accepts to be bound by the amended terms.

1.3 System requirements

VirtualLawyer requires an Internet connection and a web browser (Fondia recommends using the latest version). The user shall be solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining the equipment, software and connections as well as other technical devices relating to the use of the service, and for the costs thereof.

1.4 User names

The use of VirtualLawyer requires a user name (user’s e-mail address) and a password (sent to the user’s mobile phone in connection with the registration). The user name and password are personal and must be stored carefully. The user warrants to provide accurate personal information of him/her when registering to VirtualLawyer.

1.5 Scope of the user rights and copyrights

Fondia grants the user a limited right to use the service in accordance with these terms and conditions. The right to use begins when Fondia has provided the user name and password required for the use of VirtualLawyer to the user. The use of the document template database (incl. annual license fee) requires additionally that the license fee, the amount of which is indicated in connection with the registration, is paid.

The right to use the article database of VirtualLawyer is valid until further notice. The license fee shall be paid as a single payment and is invoiced thereafter in 12 month intervals (“Order Period”). The user may terminate the document template database license by giving Fondia two months’ advance notice prior to the end of the Order Period.

The user shall use VirtualLawyer with his/her computer in accordance with these terms and conditions. The user shall have a right to quote texts from the material and use such quotations in materials created by the user in accordance with good practice and to the extent necessary by the purpose of the use. When quoting, the user shall mention Fondia’s VirtualLawyer as the source. The user shall have a right to print, copy and disclose the aforesaid quotes taken from VirtualLawyer as part of the material drafted by the user. The document templates in Word-form included in VirtualLawyer may be used as a basis for the user’s own documents. The user shall not have the right to copy the material included in VirtualLawyer to a larger extent than permitted above in this Section. The user shall not have the right to copy the database included in VirtualLawyer based on the license granted to the user. In addition, the user does not have a right to collect parts from the VirtualLawyer to form any own service/material database.

VirtualLawyer in its entirety, the materials and computer programs included therein are copyrighted works in accordance with Section 1 of the Finnish Copyright Act and copyrights of which belong to their respective authors and Fondia. The database included in VirtualLawyer, and the materials and/or data included therein may not be copied, disclosed, commercially exploited or used in any other way that is not compatible with these terms and conditions, without the explicit written consent of Fondia. The materials included in VirtualLawyer may be disclosed to third parties only in accordance with these terms and conditions.

In case Fondia has reasonable grounds to suspect that the user has not complied with these terms of use, Fondia has the right to remove the user’s user name or to use other means necessary to prevent the violation of the terms of use. In such case, the user shall have no right to claim damages or refund of the paid license fee (as regards the VirtualLawer document database). Fondia has a right to cancel any user name that has not been used for 12 months or more as regards the freeof-charge article database. Fondia shall send the user a notification before closing the user name. Fondia has a right to close an individual account regarding the document database subject to a charge on request of the user company.

1.6 Ownership

VirtualLawyer and its content is owned by Fondia.

1.7 Limitation of liability

Fondia shall update the content of VirtualLawyer as necessary and shall endeavor that VirtualLawyer contains as up-to-date data as possible. Fondia shall not, however, guarantee the accuracy of VirtualLawyer’s content or that VirtualLawyer contains complete data of the subject matter. Fondia shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages which may be caused to the user from the use of VirtualLawyer or for VirtualLawyer’s applicability or suitability for a specific purpose. Fondia endeavors to its best ability to ensure that VirtualLawyer is available for use but shall not be liable for any possible interruptions of the service of VirtualLawyer due to e.g. maintenance work, technical problems or other similar causes and shall not be liable for damages which may be caused by the operation or operation failure of VirtualLawyer. Fondia shall also not be liable for any links to third party websites accessible from VirtualLawyer or for any instructions provided therein or the content to such websites. Fondia’s liability for damages in any and all cases is limited to a maximum of annual license fee regarding VirtualLawyer’s document template database.