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A free of charge legal databank maintained by Fondia’s lawyers

VirtualLawyer provides answers to your essential legal questions concerning business. It’s a fast, simple and cost-efficient way to take care of your legal matters by yourself.

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Plans and Pricing


0 € / mo

Legal Databank - Free for registered customers.

Includes more than 1700 Finnish and English articles, which concern important legal questions for entrepreneurs and companies comprehensively, simply and reliably.

Covers the ten most essential legal areas of the business from labour law to company law and makes a comprehensive information source for the whole personnel.

Suggests useful links to legal acts and other information sources for those who need further information.

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20 € / mo*

Legal Databank + Templates 20 €/mo with a one year subscription (*total 240 € /y).

Template package contains over 150 templates with their implementation guidelines.

Service includes many business critical contract templates such as documents for establishing a new company, contracts of employment and cooperation related templates.

Users of the service will automatically receive all updates made to the template models such as changes in the law at no extra charge.

Get started 20 €/mo *


Fixed price

As our LDaaS Customer, you will get all the Free and Plus features and more:

  • Service as you require it
  • Legal analysis
  • LDaaS is integrated with the daily work of your company

As an LDaaS customer, you can fully concentrate on developing your business as Fondia ensures all legal matters are in order. We take responsibility for the legal issues to the extent agreed and based on a fixed price.

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